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What Hospice is all about…

As a blogger for our company I often find myself desperately searching for valuable interesting information our readers want to hear about related to hospice. I’ve written about the benefits of hospice, about how one qualifies for hospice, about the various diseases of hospice, etc. It can be challenging at times to describe what hospice is to someone that hasn’t felt, seen, or heard about it.

If you’ve never had a personal experience with hospice chances are you’re not familiar with what hospice is truly about. Most often, people equate hospice with death and dying. But for those of us who work in hospice and those who have experienced hospice we have a different view. I recently received the email below from our Gainesville Patient Care Manager, Karen Allen, RN. This is what hospice is all about….


I don’t usually do this, but I want to share a situation. Daisy Carter is our 90-year-old patient that has been under the care of our Medical Director, Dr. Padma Nadella for a slow growing cancer since she opened her practice here in Gainesville. She is reaching the end of her journey and her grandson, Chris Carter, is getting married at noon. He will be marrying his bride-to-be, Abigail Murphy, with Daisy’s wedding rings. Our team, specifically Donna, Helen and JoAnn, have worked pretty hard to get Daisy to a point that she can attend, including having her on continuous care last week. As of Monday it wasn’t looking as though Daisy was going to make it to the wedding. But the team has been there every day doing everything they can to get Daisy to this special day. And I’m happy to report this morning she is in the beauty salon getting her hair done and the car is packed! We all think this is one last thing she needs to do. Our team made this wedding their priority because it is Daisy’s priority. This is why I get up every morning. Recently, we have been focusing on the 30 fundamentals of David J. Friedman’s Fundamentally Different. Last week was Fundamental #3  A+ness. They just lived it.  Just wanted to share the good stuff…

See for us hospice is about comfort and support. It’s about encouragement. It’s about making sure at the end of our patients’ journeys we’ve done everything we can to help them find peace with their lives so they can say goodbye.

For more information on Halcyon Hospice or what hospice is all about, visit us online at or call us (678) 328-1700.

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