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Understanding the Person with Alzheimer’s


Jolene Brackey, Author of Creating Moments of Joy

Halcyon Hospice recently welcomed Jolene Brackey, Author of Creating Moments of Joy for a 2-day conference focused on understanding the person with Alzheimer’s. Hospice workers, physicians, nurses, volunteers, caregivers and family members all gathered to share the vision.

Jolene Brackey, Founder of Enhanced Moments and acclaimed nationwide speaker in Alzheimer’s education, began her career as an interior designer after graduating from Iowa State University. She soon realized that she derived great joy from helping people improve the interiors of their lives, rather than their homes. She took a job as an Activity Director in an Alzheimer’ special care unit. At the time, she wasn’t familiar with Alzheimer’s but she knew she liked older people. She appreciated their honesty and graciousness and soon found out that she had a knack for communicating with them. She began focusing on finding ways to create positive outcomes and moments of joy for the individuals with the disease, their loved ones, and professional caregivers.

“Good things happen over time. Great things happen in a moment. Seize the moment!”

Eager to share her practical solutions and insights, Jolene began speaking at educational seminars. In Creating Moments of Joy Jolene shares her vision….

“The vision that we will soon look beyond the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and focus more of our energy on creating moments of joy. When the person a has short-term memory loss their life is made up of moments. We cannot create a perfectly wonderful day, but it is absolutely attainable to create a perfectly wonderful moment…”

Jolene’s book and conference is packed full of practical solutions to help create better moments. She teaches her audience to focus on the abilities the person with Alzheimer’s has left instead of what has been lost. In doing so, there’s a greater possibility of reviving their spirit and yours.

For additional information on Jolene and Creating Moments of Joy, please visit


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