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The C.N.A. Difference At Halcyon Hospice

Dan Kohl

Dan Kohl, CEO

Our C.N.A.s are a group of people who collectively make a difference in so many lives every day. Yes they help patients with bathing, eating and dressing but they also hold the hands of patients when they’re scared, know which side their patient rests better on and can convince a patient to eat when they can’t find the energy or appetite to. They’re considered to be the eyes and ears of the nurses and actually spend the most time with patients and families.

Halcyon C.N.A.s interact with patients and families an estimated 50,000 times per year. That’s 50,000 times that they touched someone in such a special way…and made a great difference for every one of those families at the most difficult times in their lives.

Halcyon C.N.A.s possess a tremendous amount of skill and compassion. They are a key part of our care team and do all of the little things that keep a patient comfortable and a family peaceful. Regardless of what they are focused on during a given day they insure that the family is cared for and has what they need to be comfortable. Hospice is a calling which requires more than you can give and that’s probably why C.N.A.s often downplay the significance of their contribution to the patient’s and families’ well-being…but I know for certain that the patients and families know better.

Since this is a week to celebrate all of our C.N.A.s, it’s important that we say THANK YOU and recognize what C.N.A. really stands for Caring, Nurturing, Assistance. I am absolutely convinced that our entire Team contributes to the satisfaction with our patients and families…but at the core of that satisfaction is the phenomenal devotion of our C.N.A.s.

THANK YOU to each and every one of you for the difference you make and for putting your hearts in your job!



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