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Meet Hospice Chaplain Jeff Brookshire

Hospice Chaplain Jeff Brookshire

Hospice Chaplain Jeff Brookshire

As one of the Hospice Chaplains for the Northern Georgia counties we serve, Jeff Brookshire is an important part of the Halcyon Hospice team. He came to us with 17 years of pastoral experience. Jeff’s experience as a pastor laid the foundation for his transition into hospice…

As a pastor, I had various experiences with people who were dealing with a crisis in their lives. I’ll never forget the first time I was called to a family whose husband/father died in a train wreck. I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing and just basically sat there.  

From then on, I went on a search to understand grief more and how best to walk with the grieving. As I learned more and had a variety of experiences of tragedy in the life of my congregations, I discovered ways to walk with people who were ‘walking through the valley of  the shadow of death.’ One of my congregation was a social worker for a Hospice and suggested I might explore being a hospice chaplain due to my experience and my passion for helping hurting people. That is how I got interested in Hospice.

When asked what Jeff was most passionate about professionally he shares, “In short, meeting people at the point of their need. I am fulfilled when someone feels safe enough to verbalize some long held secret belief, action or thought that they felt they would be condemned if they ever shared it with anybody. I am fulfilled when I am allowed to be at the bedside of someone who is dying and getting to pray and sing and recite scripture in what is a very special ‘holy’ moment. I am fulfilled when I am holding the hand of an dementia patient who is unable to communicate, but is no less of a valuable child of God. I am fulfilled in working with an excellent and skilled team, each doing what they do best.”

Personally, Jeff is passionate about his wife and family. “Being in a relationship with them is what makes everything worthwhile.” When Jeff’s not working, you can find him kayaking, vegetable gardening, watching NASCAR, NFL, and college football and basketball. He especially enjoys planning outings with his family.

Wait there’s more…

Who or what inspires Jeff? “The Bible. it’s an incredible source of inspiration to me as the Holy Spirit teaches me more about God, myself, and how to love others more.”

What would be impossible for you to give up? “My relationship with God and my family. These two have formed who I am and from whom I draw strength and comfort.”

Do you have any hidden talents? “I like to sing to patients.”

Name one thing that not many people know about you. “I wrote a book last year.”

We’re always looking to add great employees like Jeff to our team!  If you’re interested in joining the Halcyon Hospice team, visit our Career Center to view our current job postings!


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