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Hospice Care in Facilities

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We Provide Hospice Care Wherever Your Loved One Is

Can hospice services be provided to individuals in long-term care centers, nursing homes, assisted living communities or hospitals?  Yes.

Halcyon Hospice offers long-term care (LTC) facilities the benefit of our extensive knowledge regarding end-of-life issues and comprehensive hospice care services for terminally ill patients. We help LTC facilities provide care to those residents who choose to stay in the facility rather than transfer to an inpatient hospice facility.

Congress has recognized that LTC residents deserve equal access to the same hospice services that a terminally ill patient residing at home is able to receive. As a result, residents of LTC facilities are able to receive the Medicare Hospice Benefit. The Medicare Hospice Benefit enables patients to receive hospice support and services that are not otherwise covered by Medicare.

Eligibility for Hospice Services Within a LTC facility

Residents who have Medicare Part A are eligible for Medicare Hospice Benefits. To receive benefits, long-term-care residents are required to meet the same guidelines as patients living in a personal residence:

  • The patient’s physician must certify that he/she has a prognosis of six months or less to live if the illness runs its normal course.
  • The LTC resident and/or the patient’s family has opted to receive palliative, rather than curative, care.

When a LTC resident uses the Medicare Hospice Benefit, Medicare reimburses the hospice care provider a fixed, per diem rate. In most states, Medicaid reimburses the hospice provider for the room and board.

Halcyon Hospice provides you with an outstanding team of medical professionals, staff and volunteers, as well as extensive resources so that your facility can provide the most compassionate, comprehensive end-of-life care for your terminally ill residents.

Halcyon Hospice’s services include:

  • A professional, friendly staff fully trained in LTC regulations, MDS, RAPS and care plans.
  • Crisis care for patients who are in need of acute symptom management and choose to remain in the facility rather than moving to an inpatient setting.
  • Pain and symptom management, consultation and assistance in assessment, and hands-on care provided by our unfailing staff.
  • Memorial services, grief support and bereavement counseling for families and friends of residents.
  • A broad range of educational materials for patients and families on subjects such as DNR orders, end-of-life care, advance directives, grief and loss.
  • Numerous in-service education programs.
  • Patient guides on pain and symptom management.


Halcyon Hospice products and services are not intended to replace any plan of care typically provided by an LTC facility. Instead, our products and services should be viewed as a complement to existing services already being provided by the facility.

Additional services available to LTC facilities by Halcyon Hospice under the Medicare Hospice Benefit include:

  • Certified nursing assistants to provide additional personal care or companionship sometimes necessary to care for terminally ill residents.
  • Specially trained palliative care nurses to provide pain and symptom management, care planning and resident assessments.
  • Physicians trained in palliative care are available to work with the attending physician and facility staff to help with medical evaluations and meeting the medical needs of terminally ill residents.
  • All medications, both prescription and over the counter, that are required to treat a resident’s terminal illness.
  • Any supplies and equipment necessary to treat a resident’s terminal illness that is not already provided as part of the facility’s room and board reimbursement.
  • Chaplains are available to answer questions, counsel, and provide emotional and spiritual support to patients, their families and loved ones.
  • Social workers to listen, counsel and provide support concerning legal, social and financial issues, such as insurance, living wills and food assistance.
  • Volunteers specially trained to provide companionship and support to patients and family members.

Together, Halcyon Hospice and your LTC facility can provide your terminally ill residents with the medical attention they need and the dignity and compassionate care they deserve.

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