Hospice_NurseJust saw this fantastic article by Allison Berry on Ladies Home Journal and wanted to share. The article, titled, “Hospice Care Doesn’t Have to be Sad” outlines 5 good reasons why anyone facing end-of-life decisions should consider hospice. In a separate but related article, Diana K. Sugg tells the story of hospice nurse Jill Campbell, which sparked a great conversation in the Facebook comments below the post. I’ve listed the reasons here, but for the full article, with all of the detail, visit the LHJ site.

5 Ways Hospice Care Can Be Empowering:

  • Hospice costs are covered
  • Hospice can make limited time so much better
  • Hospice helps family prepare and accept
  • Hospice keeps patients comfortable and pain free
  • Hospice provides emotional and spiritual support

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