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Hospice and Assisted Living


The Integral Role Hospice Plays in an Assisted Living Community

As the assisted living industry continuously evolves, care communities are getting better at accommodating residents who wish to age-in-place through the end of their lives. A key part of that evolution is working closely with hospice providers like Halcyon.

If you are a healthcare provider, understanding the partnership between assisted living communities and hospice may help you to provide valuable information to your patients and their families. Many people are unaware that an aging loved one who is a resident of an assisted living community can remain there and have the support of hospice if necessary.

According to the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), about one-third of the residents of assisted living communities receive end-of life care. This allows them to remain in the setting they know as home. To help you understand what our partner assisted living communities consider important in a hospice provider, we asked some Chief Operating Officers, Executive Directors and Administrators to share their experiences.

Here’s what they had to say about working with Halcyon Hospice:

Thank you for your help with one of our residents. What a blessing it was that you all were handling her care and that she was able to go peacefully while she was in her own apartment. As you know this was very important to her and us…this is what we find important in hospices.”

We look for a “hospice company that we can make one phone call to and the resident and their family is taken care of regardless of the problem.”

“Communication is key. Hospice is such an integral part of the services we provide. We work well with Halcyon; they communicate with us. They do what they say they’re going to do.”

We look for “the human touch. For a provider that we can consider part of the family.”

Hospice provides “an extra set of eyes and hands. They are watchful oversight for our staff, they make the facilities caregivers’ jobs easier by handling all equipment and medications, and provide continuous care when necessary. What you give to us is invaluable. It is necessary ministry and counseling.”

For the residents of the assisted living communities that Halcyon Hospice partners with, we offer end-of-life support that, when clinically necessary, may include:

  • 2 RN visits each week and up to 5 CNA visits each week
  • On-call nurses after hours and on weekends to assist with emergent needs
  • A continuous care program for crisis situations
  • A social worker and a chaplain to support both the patient and family

Halcyon Hospice is continuously working to provide the highest quality care and find ways to improve and enhance our services. For more information about our commitment to our assisted living facility partners please call us at 678-328-1700 or visit us on the web

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