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Honoring Pastoral Care Teams

PrayingHandsEvery October we honor the work of our dedicated chaplains and spiritual care team during Pastoral Care Week. We do so in conjunction with other hospice and health care providers across the country. This year that celebration, which marks the 29th anniversary of the event, begins on October 19th.

The History of Pastoral Care Week

In 1983, The National Association of Catholic Chaplains voted to establish a national effort to honor the work of chaplains in a variety of settings. The first official week of recognition was held in October of 1985.

Spiritual Well-Being to Support and Inspire

The theme chosen for this year’s Pastoral Care Week is “Spiritual Well-Being.” It was selected because it represents “Nourishing the Well-Spring” a reference to the need to support ourselves and others during challenging times.

“We seek to be present, mindful, compassionate and attuned, knowing that our intentions and actions have a ripple effect on the journeys of others and ourselves.  While the nature of our journeys may vary by the seasons of our lives, our spiritual well-being may include transcendence, meaning and purpose, reconnecting and renewing, service, sacredness, strength, harmony, hope, compassion, creativity, gratitude, forgiveness, and love.” –

Pastoral Care in Hospice
When someone receives a life-limiting diagnosis, there are many questions, fears and anxieties that arise. Because these diagnoses sometimes come without warning, people are faced with spiritual struggles they haven’t yet delved into very deeply. Unresolved family issues, unexplained feelings and unexplored belief systems can lead to an emotional crisis.
Hospice chaplains and other hospice spiritual care advisors can help patients and their loved ones find their voice. Even in times of crisis, they help families resolve conflicts and heal.

We hope you will join us in saluting the dedicated work of the pastoral care team at Halycon Hospice and other hospice care providers across the country!

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