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Halcyon Hospice Offers Real Help Programs for Grief

Fatigued Healthcare WorkerIf there is one thing that healthcare staff have to face on a regular basis, it is grief.  Grief invades the heart, mind, body, and spirit at the death of a patient, a staff member or one of their own loved ones. Yet truth be told, grief often begins long before death. When a life-limiting diagnosis is given, grief begins. When the loved one is declining, grief continues. When the loved one is in pain and suffering, grief intensifies.

Handling grief on a daily basis can be tough, real tough, for your staff members. To deal with the daily onslaught of grief, many do one of two things:

  • They quit
  • Their hearts grow hardened.

Neither way is good. When they quit, you lose good staff. When their hearts grow hardened, you lose good patient care.

So Halcyon is offering two new avenues for you to care for your staff:

Real Help For Broken Hearts:  Through weekly five minute emails, your staff will become experts on grief. They will get vital training such as what is helpful to say to grieving people and what isn’t. Easily read and well written, your staff will get the latest wisdom on grief and mourning.

Real Help For Compassion Fatigue:  This 10 minute in-service is designed to provide a brief overview of what Compassion Fatigue is, how to combat it and vital resources for future research. Designed for change in shifts, it will provide a lifeline for a common problem within healthcare staff.

To enroll in Real Help For Broken Hearts or to schedule Real Help for Compassion Fatigue, contact Jeff Brookshire at or 678-943-0991.

Jeff is a graduate of Purdue University (Bachelors in Education) and Duke University (Masters of Divinity). He has traveled his own grief journey and has walked alongside numerous grieving individuals of all ages for over 25 years. He began working in Hospice in 2007 and is now the Lead Bereavement Coordinator for Halcyon Hospice.

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