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Halcyon Hospice Launches New Online Resource for Families and Providers

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A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. When it happens, patients want information and answers. They want to know what to expect in the weeks and months ahead.

169 million is the number of hits one would get if they Google the word “cancer.” Imagine how overwhelming and confusing that number would be when trying to weed through the sites in an attempt to discern what is accurate information. The same holds true for people who receive other chronic or life-limiting illnesses, like heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or dementia.

The need to help connect patients and their loved ones with helpful information, relevant to their diagnosis, is what led Halcyon Hospice to develop a unique, new resource. is a site devoted to education and answers. For example: 

Cancer patients can use to find resources like:

  • Articles from the American Society of Clinical Oncology outlining what cancer is.
  • Detailed information and research on specific cancers and their treatments provided by the highly regarded Mayo Clinic.
  • Support and treatment tools from the American Cancer Society such as a Guide to Cancer Drugs and Side Effects.
  • A wide range of telephone and on-line support groups available through CancerCare.
  • Resources for parents of children who have cancer from the National Cancer Institute.
  • Online workshops from the American Cancer Society including Chemobrain and Helping Children and Teens Understand.
  • Help knowing where to find financial resources for cancer-related costs from CancerCare.
  • Spanish resources from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Knowing that patients always think of questions they forgot to ask after they leave their physician’s office, is a site physicians  can confidently refer patients and families to for accurate answers from highly regarded sources. It is a tool to help them learn more about their disease and to use for developing thoughtful questions for the next visit.

A cornerstone of is our Grief section. Every clinician witnesses different types and levels of grief in patients and their loved ones. We’ve brought together a variety of resources to help them cope. Facing a chronic or debilitating illness can be overwhelming. We’re here to help…take a few minutes to visit today.

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