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Halcyon Hospice Introduces Online Care Community Tool for Patients and Families


Dan Kohl, CEO

CareFlash Private Online Care Communities Offer Support When It’s Needed Most

Being a caregiver for a sick loved one can at times be overwhelming. Not only are you faced with the challenge of helping to manage a difficult situation for someone you care deeply about…but, you become the primary touch point for those that want to stay informed and keep track of how your loved one is doing.

Having a tool to communicate with everyone at the same time that also allows you to marshal available resources and coordinate care can be absolutely invaluable. Giving others accessibility that allows them to offer support, help, thoughts and prayers for your loved one is a great way to bring together a community of people around a loved one in need.

When my youngest grandson was facing medical challenges in the past, I utilized an online tool to keep friends and family up to date with his condition. Having the ability to keep so many folks informed of his progress and to read all of the supportive comments and prayers on his behalf made a real difference for my family and gave others an opportunity to participate in his care.

Preparing the progress updates let me create meaningful engagement that would have been much harder to achieve using email or telephone. I’m convinced that the loving community that formed online to support him made a very real difference for my family and I’m grateful we had the ability to make it happen.

Faced with one of the most difficult challenges a family will ever experience…hospice is a place where being able to build that support community can make a world of difference. With this in mind, we have partnered with CareFlash to offer an innovative resource that allows families to set up Private Care Communities online. With a private CareFlash Community, families can centralize communications – keeping everyone informed around the clock; coordinate care, appointments, and tasks using a centralized calendar; share photos, memories, and well wishes; and much more.

We’re excited to offer this helpful tool to families and encourage you to set up your free, private care community today. Simply click here to go to the Halcyon Hospice home page and scroll down to the CareFlash link.

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