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Halcyon Hospice Honors America’s Veterans

Brig. General George A. Morris, Sr.

This is a guest post by Thames Morris Pemberton, RN/Clinical Liaison with Halcyon Hospice.

As Veterans Day approaches, it provides us all with a chance to reflect on our family, friends, and other loved ones who have so proudly served our country.

One man, in particular, comes right to mind, my Grandfather Brig. General George A. Morris, Sr., the first Commander of the 412th Engineer Command.

I am very proud to say that the George A. Morris Army Reserve Center, in Vicksburg, Mississippi is named after my Grandfather. The day of the building dedication was one of the most special moments in my life. I still get chills, to this day, viewing the life size oil painting of this great man right inside the doors of the Reserve Center. My grandmother, Mildred Morris, had it painted by National Portrait Artist Hall of Fame inductee, Marshall Bouldin, and donated it to the Army, in honor and in memory, of the love of her life.

My grandfather became a member of General George S. Patton’s staff during World War II. As quoted by my Aunt, Grace Morris Spears, “He didn’t want to be on Patton’s staff, because he wanted to stay with his unit. They were building bridges across the Rhine,” Aunt Grace said. “He sent word back to Patton, ‘thank you, but I want to stay with my men.'”

According to Aunt Grace, Patton got word back to Morris with some expletives saying, “That’s great, stay with your men tonight, but I’ll see you at eight o’clock in the morning.”

My grandfather was a true southern gentleman in every sense of the word. He loved his family, his friends, and his country. I am blessed to have known this man, for he instilled many great qualities in me. He had a real art for making others feel special, always lending a helping hand to those less fortunate and being larger than life.

Every Veterans Day, I reflect on my childhood days of riding around Vicksburg, driving through the Vicksburg National Military Park, going to the Five & Dime, watching the trains go by, spending those precious days with my Grandfather…… My Grandfather and my hero.


Annually, nearly 25 percent of the people who die in the United States are veterans.  Halcyon Hospice honors it’s veteran patients this year with a donation made to the Wounded Warrior Project. We appreciate their commitment to our country and consider it a privilege to care for these heroes that sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom.

As we honor our country’s heroes this Veterans Day, it’s important to remember that veterans deserve recognition and compassionate end of life care. At Halcyon Hospice we believe in delivering the highest quality, innovative and compassionate hospice services for our patients and their families. For more information about how we can help, please visit the Halcyon Hospice website.

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