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Halcyon Hopsice Nurses Are #1

Dan Kohl

Dan Kohl, CEO

Next week is Nurse’s Week and I spent some time thinking about what makes our hospice nurse’s so special. Certainly they are well trained, compassionate and very professional. They believe in what they do and are committed to the very essence of what hospice represents.

I thought I would break down the numbers to get a clearer picture of what impact they have on a daily basis:

  • Our nurses touch patients and families roughly 1500 times per week.
  • Our nurses drive more than 10,000 miles per week.
  • Our nurses write more than 1,000 notes in medical records per week.
  • Our nurses provide more than 1,000 hugs per week.
  • Our nurses welcome more than 28 patients and families to our service each week.
  • Our nurses compassionately say good bye to more than 23 patients each week and embrace the families that cared so deeply about them.
  • Our nurses respond to more than 150 calls each week for assistance after hours and on weekends.

While very impressive…the only number that matters when it comes to measuring just how special they are is 1. They each have 1 heart that they share with many, 1 passion that they devote themselves too, 1 focus each time they walk in a patient’s home or room, and 1 goal each time they touch a patient…to bring them warmth and comfort. So we’ll simplify all the numbers and just agree that they are #1 and we’re so very thankful they are part of our team.

Thank You to each of our nurses for what you do each day.

Halcyon Hospice is always looking to add great nurses to our team. To view our open positions, please visit our online Career Center.

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