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Atlanta Inpatient Hospice

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Halcyon House Inpatient Hospice (IPU) 24/7 Atlanta, GA

5411 Northland Drive
Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone: (404) 252-8277  |  Fax: (404) 531-6639

While every effort is made to keep your loved one at home, sometimes they may require more specialized care. Our inpatient hospice facility combines the comforts of home with the benefits of round-the-clock medical supervision and care.

Designed to provide short-term inpatient care for expert symptom management, our inpatient hospice facility also provides relief for families, including tranquil spaces for grief support and education programs.

However, for those who have acute symptoms that require specialized care or whose caregiver is no longer able to care for them at home, Halcyon Hospice’s inpatient facility, Halcyon House, provides a nurturing, home-like setting where patients can receive special care and comfort while surrounded by friends, loved ones and compassionate staff. Our inpatient hospice offers private suites and family gathering spaces, as well as quiet areas for reflection or prayer. View photos of Halcyon House on Facebook.

Hospice Nurses

Jackie Gill, RN & Catherine Muthama, RN

Halcyon Hospice staff can make arrangements to transfer any patient to our inpatient facility provided that it is appropriate and a room is available. Should a loved one need brief hospitalization during hospice care, our dedicated team will continue to visit as long as they remain hospitalized.

If your loved one is in a hospital, assisted living center or nursing facility and needs hospice care, visit our Hospice in Facilities page.

Halcyon House Hospice Interior

Halcyon House Interior

Halcyon House Facebook

To learn more about Halcyon’s inpatient hospice care or to find a location near you, call one of our support professionals at (404) 252-8277 or click to find a location

Halcyon House Hospice

Halcyon House Inpatient Hospice Facility, Atlanta