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Families and Hospice Working Together

When faced with difficult healthcare decisions life can be pretty overwhelming. Have you ever been in with a physician and heard everything he or she said but were only able to actively listen to maybe half of it? This is a good reason why we bring a family member so we’re not alone when making choices that are right for us. Our families are our greatest support team. We depend on them to be our sources of strength. Not only to listen, but also to guide us through trying times, especially when it comes to considering hospice care. So how can families and hospice providers work together? 

In this post, “Hospice is a Family Affair” over at the American Hospice Foundation, Johanna Turner explains how families and hospice work together toward the same goal – to provide the highest quality end-of-life care for their loved ones. The article lists six qualities exhibited by strong and loving families:  commitment, togetherness, appreciation, good communication, spiritual well-being, and coping with crises and stress. All of which are part of the hospice concept.

When you think about it, from cradle to grave our families are involved in our lives. It’s only natural that they should be involved in the final voyage. See how one family worked with hospice to care for their loved one in this AARP video, view it on our Facebook Page.

For more information about hospice and how it can work with your family, visit the Halcyon Hospice website. You can also download a Hospice Brochure or a Free Hospice Conversation Starter Guide to help you talk with your loved one about hospice care. 

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