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FAQ for Clinicians

FAQ for Clinicians 2017-05-20T19:23:10+00:00

What levels of care do you provide?

We provide GIP, Continuous Care, Respite Care and Routine Home Care

What makes Halcyon Hospice different?

We deliver CONSISTENT and COMPASSIONATE care. We hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE by surveying new patients/families within 72 hours of admission and then again following 30 days on service. We also utilize Deyta post transition to survey patient families. We take the feedback very seriously and act upon it swiftly. We have a DEDICATED ON-CALL STAFF with four full-time team members Monday – Friday and six full-time team members on weekends. These are full-time employees whose only function for Halcyon is evening and weekend support. We also have a DEDICATED CONTINUOUS CARE TEAM made up of ten LPNs that manage patients in crisis.

Do you take indigent patients?

Yes, we view our referral sources as partners. We work closely with them to provide appropriate care to patients in need.

Do you have an IPU?

Yes, we have a state of the art, 22 bed unit located in Dunwoody, Georgia. Our staff is specially trained to handle patients needing inpatient care.

Halcyon House Hospice

Halcyon House Inpatient Hospice Facility, Atlanta

How large is your coverage area?

We are licensed to provide services in more than 50 counties in the state of Georgia. We cover more than 60% of the population of Georgia and are looking to expand throughout the Southeast. We cover 9 counties in the state of South Carolina.

Can you admit patients the same day?

Yes, our intake department can act quickly once they receive the appropriate paperwork. We have two dedicated admissions nurses to react promptly.

How do I help patients overcome the fear of hospice?

We typically try to focus patients and families on the benefits available with hospice. The focus is on making the most of the life they have with support from a comprehensive care team consisting of a social worker, chaplain, nurse and C.N.A. That support team cares for the patient as a whole being and offers support and comfort for their loved ones too.

How often does the social worker, chaplain, nurse and C.N.A. visit?

The individualized plan of care drives the frequency of visits. It’s determined by what is clinically appropriate and accounts for what the family feels they need. Every two weeks our interdisciplinary group (IDG) meets to discuss each patient and reacts to changes in status. Generally, our C.N.As may visit 2-3 times per week and our nurses 1-2 times per week. Our social worker and chaplain will visit once per month and more often if necessary.

What medications does hospice cover?

We cover all medications directly related to the hospice diagnosis.

What happens if a patient lives longer than six months on hospice?

Medicare requires that there is an expectation that each patient has only six months to live if the illness runs its normal course. Patients will be re-certified for each subsequent benefit period.

Can a patient remain a full code?

It typically works best if a patient and family believe in the hospice philosophy. However, they can remain a full code.

Can my patients still come to see me after going on hospice?

Yes, you can absolutely remain the attending physician and the patient can come and see you if they choose.