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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers 2017-08-18T17:50:30+00:00

As a Physician or Healthcare Provider, What’s my Role in Obtaining Hospice Care for my Patient?

The attending physician’s role is integral to the overall management and care provision for your hospice patient(s).

The following is a brief summary of Medicare regulations and rules concerning the role of the attending physician:

Certification. Upon a patient’s admission to hospice, or no more than two calendar days after a patient’s admission to Halcyon Hospice, you must certify that, based upon your clinical expertise, your patient has a life expectancy prognosis of six months or less if the terminal illness runs its normal course. If you provide verbal certification, we require that written certification be received no later than eight calendar days after the patient’s admission.

Initial Plan of Care and Ongoing Plan of Care. As the attending physician, you will share responsibility with Halcyon Hospice’s physicians and team for establishing, maintaining and, if necessary, updating your patient’s plan of care. We will consult with you on a regular basis. Your patient’s plan of care needs to be agreed upon by the patient, the patient’s family, Halcyon Hospice’s team and you. We will provide you with written patient summaries on a regular basis.

Day-to-Day Management of Your Patients. It is critical that you are readily available to consult with the members of Halcyon Hospice’s team in the

event that changes in your patient’s plan of care arise, and in order for us to care for your patient’s day-to-day needs. If you would like to decrease your daily involvement with a patient, please contact Halcyon Hospice to discuss making changes to your role. The medical director and team physician will make every attempt to accommodate you by taking over the primary day-to-day management of the patient. Please note that it is still your responsibility to manage your patient’s plan of care.

Payment for Physician Services. The attending physician continues to bill Medicare Part B or the patient’s insurance. You may bill Medicare Part B for care plan oversight. The attending physician remains the attending physician and continues to follow and bill for services as usual.

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For evaluation of your patient for hospice services or to make a referral, find the Halcyon Hospice location nearest you and contact us.