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Why Halcyon?

Why Halcyon? 2017-05-20T19:23:10+00:00

Why should you trust your loved one’s care to Halcyon Hospice?

At Halcyon Hospice, we believe that terminally ill individuals deserve to live pain- and symptom-free in the company of family and friends. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality hospice services for our patients and their families.

We will do whatever is best for our patients and their families. We serve patients where they feel most comfortable. While many prefer the comfort and privacy of their own homes, others may have acute symptoms that require specialized care better suited for long-term care facilities, assisted living centers, hospitals or hospice inpatient units.

No matter where the care is provided, Halcyon Hospice will provide the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support you and your loved one need.

GloriaMoore and NinaBarge

Our mission is…”To comfort patients and families struggling with serious illness.”

Halcyon Hospice provides care throughout the southeast United States. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hospice care, our staff will help guide you through the decision-making process.

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For more information, or to find a Halcyon Hospice location near you, visit our Locations Page.

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